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About Dwarf Wrestling INC. : We are a legit licensed midget wrestling company that delivers real professional dwarf wrestlers and entertainers all over the country either by car or plane depending on what area and zip code you are having your event.
Our Services :
We deliver exciting wrestlers for company parties, huge events, bachelor parties, guys night out, birthdays, anniversaries, fraternity parties, sorority paries, pool parties, and so much more
Party Services included : Our experienced dwarfs
along with wrestling attire, ring, and all props are inculded.
Costumes & Attire : little elvis - jennifer lopez - michael jackson - elf - elves - oompa loompa - leprechaun - kim kardashian - chucky - eminem - village people - superman - spider man - kiss - kid rock - wrestlers - motley crue - tome jones - midget tossing - train operator - wedding minister - waiter - waitress - madonna - britney spears - exotic dancers - marilyn monroe - and so much more.


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We Are A Licensed & Insured Dwarf Wrestling Company in The USA

Alabama * Alaska * Lake Havasu, Bullhead City, Brooklyn, Mesa, Tucson, Arizona * Denver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Canada, Colorado * San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Napa, Oakland, Fresno, Sacramento, Anaheim, Irvine, Riverside, San Bernardino, Chino Hills, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Palm Springs, California * Connecticut * Delaware * Orlando, Miami, South Beach, Jacksonville, Tampa, Florida * Savannah, Atlanta, Georgia * Honolulu, Maui, Hawaii * Idaho * Chicago, Illinois * Indianapolis, Indiana * Iowa * Wichita, Kansas * Louisville, Kentucky * Las Vegas * Lake Charles, Louisiana * West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, San Fernando, Los Angeles * Maine * Baltimore, Maryland * Boston, Massachusetts * Detroit, Michigan * Minneapolis, Minnesota * Mississippi * St. Louis, Missouri * Montana * Omaha, Nebraska * Reno, Henderson, Lake Tahoe, Tijuana Mexico, Nevada * New Hampshire * New Jersey * Albuquerque, New Mexico * Long Island * Manhattan, The Hamptons, New York City * Charlotte, Raleigh, North Carolina * North Dakota * Orange County * Coronado, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Ohio * Tulsa, Oklahoma * Portland, Oregon * Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania * Rhode Island * South Carolina * Nashville, Memphis, Tennessee * Arlington, Austin, Galveston, El Paso, Humble, San Antonio, The Woodlands, Montgomery, Waco, Fort Worth, Justin, Texas * Utah * Vermont * Virginia * Seattle, Washington D.C. * West Virginia * Milwaukee, Wisconsin * Wyoming.

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