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Who We Are : Our Portland dwarf community is the best in our city because they are young, fun, and fulll of energy when it comes to midget wrestling.Don't be fooled by our small town because we can really party hard and throw wrestling events like you have never seen before. Some of our little people are actors on reality tv shows so you might regognize them and want to take a few pictures and that is totally fine with us and the dwarves.
Event Services Include : Our mini wrestlers, wrestling attire, masks, and ring. ( In some cases our clients provide ring or mat )
Starting Rates & Packages : Our prices start off at $375 & up depending on zip code and area event is being held. ( Click Here For A Quote )

We Deliver To Areas Listed : Portland - Milwaukie - Cedar Hills - Cedar Mill - Beaverton - Lake Oswego - Oak Grove - Plum - Tigard - Vancouver - Aloha - Minnehaha - Oregon City - Eugene - Seattle - Medford - Redding - Youngstown - Forest Grove - Vancouver - Tacoma - Seattle - Washington - & All of Oregon



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We Are A Licensed & Insured Dwarf Wrestling Company in Portland

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