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First Come First Serve : Philadelphia is a great city because all types of residents love to hire dwarf wrestling for parties and social events all year long, our clients will usually mix it up for 2 hrs and have the midgets wrestle for 30 mins and serve drinks the remaining 30 minutes so make sure you get your moneys worth because we want you to be very happy on every order.
We Supply all Props & More : Our dwarf wrestlers, wrestling wardrobe, masks, and portable ring. ( In some cases our clients provide ring or mat )
How Much Are We? : Our rates start off at $375 & up depending on zip code and area event is being planned.( Click Here For A Quote And Get A Response in 1 Hour Or Less )

We Deliver Top Dwarves : Philadelphia - Pittsburgh - Atlantic City - Allentown - Erie - Reading - Bethlehem - Scranton - Lancaster - Levittown - Harrisburg - New Jersey - Wilmington - Cherry Hill - Wilkes - Barre - Norristown - Chester - Hershey - New Hope - Ambler - Williamsport - Medord - Connecticut - Baltimore - Delaware - Pocona Lake - New York - & All of Pennsylvania



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We Are A Licensed & Insured Dwarf Wrestling Company in Philadelphia

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