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About Us : Denver is a great city to visit and our dwarfs are top notch quality because they go through a 60 day training period so they can know how to entertain a large crowd, We do scout for some of the most athletic and talented midgets in all of Colorado and you will be surprised that some of our number one wrestlers are located in the city.
Whats Included With A Reservation : Our dwarf wrestlers, wrestling attire, masks, and ring that can be adjusted to any size you desire because sometimes we wrestle in small areas and sometimes we wrestle in large areas. ( In some cases our clients provide ring, mat or pool )
Our Updated Rates : Our prices start off at $375 & up depending on zip code and area event is being held. ( Click Here For A Fast Quote )

Other Denver Service Areas : Denver * Colorado Springs * Broomfield * Aurora * Fort Collins * Canon City * Lakewood * Thornton * Castle Rock * Arvada * Westminster * Idaho Springs * Pueblo * * Centennial * Back Hawk * Boulder * Greeley * Longmont * Lake Havasu * Farista Walsenburg * Apache City * Fowler * Ordway * & All of Colorado .


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