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Why Select Our Website : We are the most loved dwarf wrestling website by all of our clients in canada because they know we are the best when it comes to midget entertainment so if you are in the mood of some wild fun than give us a call so we can get the party started with a 10 minute order with no hassle. We always take a small deposit but after that you can pay the balance when your dwarf arrives at your gig.
How Much Is It ? : Our rates start off at $375 & up depending on zip code or county you want the wrestling event held. ( Click Here For Quote )

Canada Delivery Zones : Toronto - Montreal - Vancouver - Ottawa- Quebec City - Calgary - Edmonton - Victoria - Winnipeg - Halifax Regional Municipality - Hamilton - Saskatoon - St. Johns - Regina - Banff - London - Michigan - New York - Maine - Vermont - New Hampshire - All of Canada


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We Are A Licensed & Insured Dwarf Wrestling Company in Canada

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