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About Us : Dwarf Wrestling is the most extreme thing you can order when it comes to midget entertainment in Tampa and everyone loves it because it's comical and funny at the same time, No matter if it's a young or old crowd your guests will want to see more crazy tricks from our mini wrestlers because it's that addicting. ( Click Here To Contact Us )
Wrestling Services Include : Our talented dwarf wrestlers, wrestling wardrobe, masks, gear, props, sound system, and portable ring. ( We Also Include License & Insurance )
Local Prices & Packages : Our prices start off at $375 & up depending on zip code and area event is being held. ( Click Here For A Quote )

Tampa Service Delivery Areas :
Orlando - Miami Beach - Tampa - Dade County - Palm Beach - Fort Lauderdale - Daytona Beach - Broward - Daytona Beach - Naples - Largo - Tallahassee - Brandon - Lakeland - Lockart - Jacksonville - South Beach - Spring Hill - & All of Florida.


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We Are A Licensed & Insured Dwarf Wrestling Company in Tampa

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