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Our Company Operation : Long Island is a beautiful place to visit and vacation but did you know last year we helped plan over 50 wrestling matches in NYC and this year we plan on contracting over 100 because our promotion team knows how to sell and our dwarf wrestlers know how to entertain with stunts, flips, and crazy special pro wrestling moves.
Our LP Services Include : Our dwarf wrestlers, wrestling costumes, professional masks, and portable ring or air mattress that they can jump and catch major air. ( In some cases our clients provide ring or mat )
Our Specials & Packages : Our prices start off at $375 & up depending on zip code and also the type of event you will be planning because you might need license and insurance. ( Click Here For A Quote )

We Travel To Long Island : New York City - Long Island - Buffalo - Syracuse - Rochester - Albany - Newburgh - New Rochelle - Niagra Falls - Mount Vernon - Central Park - Manhattan - Brooklyn - Queens - Newark - The Bronx- Hempstead - Yonkers - Cilfton - Paterson - New Jersey - Huntington - Union - Newark - Richmond - & All of New York


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We Are A Licensed & Insured Dwarf Wrestling Company in Long Island

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